Michelle A. (she / her)
Sunnyside, NY
Lactation Birth Doula

My journey into birth work began when I was invited to witness the birth of my first niece (who is now in college!). Despite a late-term induction, my sister labored without pain medication, but with a full delivery suite of friends and family supporting and cheering her on. Two years later, I was also present for her little sister’s birth, an entirely different experience but no less joyful. I learned the importance of support, in whatever capacity is best for that birth, that person. A dozen years later, I gave birth in my apartment, with a midwife, her assistant, a doula, my trapeze partner, and my baby’s father. Every member of that team brought something special and vital to my experience. My doula was especially fantastic- guiding both my partners in ways they could be most useful. I felt so lucky to have my son in the way that I felt was best for me, and my goal is for every birthing person I work with to feel the same. I had continued my circus training until 38 weeks (my son was born at 42 weeks, 6 days before I turned 40!) and feel that the physical preparation I consistently do for my art was also extremely beneficial in my labor and delivery! Guiding my students through the same intense physical drilling has honed my coaching skills, allowing me to focus on what works best for each individual, a gift I also bring to labor support.

Additional Certifications: Other

Birth Doula Services


Michelle was my doula for the birth of my daughter on January 10th. I could not have made it thru my labor without her. She was there for every contraction giving me massage, and support. When there were unexpected turns in my labor, she framed everything in a calm and affirming way- which really helped me relax. Michelle joined my labor at 5am on Saturday morning, and my daughter was not born until 12:40pm on Sunday- she never wavered in energy or focus. I could not say enough about her positive impact on my birth experience.

In-Person: $2500 / birth
My Birth Doula Service includes

The birth package includes 1 or 2 prenatal visits in your home or other place of your choice to go over your preferences, birth plan, q&a. On-call from 37 weeks through birth with anytime phone/text support. Will meet as previously agreed upon at home/place of birth and stay with you post-birth until feeding is established and you feel ready to have private family time. One postpartum follow up at home within 2 weeks.

Births Attended: 45-89
Practicing Since 2020
Birth Doula - DONA International
Experienced With:
Cesarean Births Induction Fertility Treatment (IVF, IUI, etc…)

Lactation Services


“Having Michelle as a doula was like having a security blanket during birth. She is a delightful person and a joy to be around. I can’t recommend her enough.”


In-Home Initial: $50.00 / session (usually 1 - 1.5 hours) Additional Follow-ups: $35.00 / session (usually 0.5 - 0.75 hours)

Additional Virtual Follow-ups: $25.00 / session (usually 0.25 - 1 hours)

Clients Served: 0-9
Practicing Since 2021
Lactation - CLSC