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New parenthood can be challenging but you don’t have to do it alone. Boober’s expert classes and evidence-based educational resources empower you to achieve the outcomes that matter to you from bump, birth and beyond.

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3rd Trimester Essential Classes
In-Person and Online, Live Classes
3rd Trimester Essential Classes
In-Person and Online, Live Classes
À la Carte Classes

This class is designed to empower pregnant parents with the knowledge and confidence needed to confidently move through your upcoming labor and birth! Gain a deeper understanding of Evidence-Based Care, Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor, non-pharmacological Pain Management Techniques, Pain Med options, Labor Support and Doula Care, understanding Medical Support (Interventions), Cesarean Birth/Prevention, First Moments after Birth and Family Centered Care. Book Childbirth Basics + Comfort Measures and we'll refund you $99! Or use as credit toward other classes!


Our top seller and most comprehensive childbirth prep. A combination of Childbirth Basics plus Comfort Measures for Birth. Everything you need for THE BIG day! Get the essential intellectual knowledge from stages of labor, to when to go the place of birth, cesarean prevention, and more, plus learn and PRACTICE the skills needed to build your confidence and feel as prepared for labor and birth as possible. Book on one weekend day here or take as 2 sessions (book a Childbirth Basics and a Comfort Measures class. We'll refund you $99. Or use $99 credit for another class)


Our Lactation & Newborn Care Basics class empowers expecting families with the essential knowledge and skills needed to care for a new baby and to get lactation off to the best start! Bottle-feeding fundamentals will also be covered. A fun and engaging class with visual aids and props to boost your confidence and connect with other parents-to-be!


The most practical class to help you get through birth! Learn and practice labor coping skills, labor-shortening positions, and pain reduction techniques to approach your birth with confidence. Build your labor coping toolbox, reduce pain perception, alleviate stress, and enhance comfort during childbirth. Get out of your head and go deep into pain-relief and pain-coping skills. (If you book Comfort Measures + Childbirth Basics, we'll refund you $99. Or use $99 credit on other classes).


Prepare for postpartum with confidence, as we change the narrative surrounding the often neglected 4th trimester. Gain essential tips, skills, and knowledge for healing, maximizing sleep, nourishing your body, and building a strong care team to thrive during this transformative time.


Learn and practice infant CPR protocols and techniques, plus relief of choking for ages 0-12 months. Learn all about infant safety topics, including car seats, choking hazards, and basic first aid.


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